Upper secondary education

Ilmakuva lukiosta.

Raisio upper secondary school is a general upper secondary school located near Raisio city centre, along good traffic connections. The upper secondary school has about 400 students, and 144 new students are accepted annually from Raisio and the surrounding municipalities.

Raisio upper secondary school provides multifaceted and high-quality education. The versatile class work, utilisation of digital learning materials and learning platforms and teaching that encourages own thought and independent information acquisition create a good basis for learning and enable individual, flexible learning paths. The school works closely with working life and higher education institutes.

Raisio upper secondary school also has an entrepreneurship programme, and people studying at the Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium can study for a twin degree in Raisio upper secondary school.

More information is available in Finnish on Raisio upper secondary school’s website:


You can apply for Raisio upper secondary school through a joint application system. If you want to learn more about the school in advance, you can do it by browsing through the news on the raisionlukio.fi website. You can also contact the school:

Applying for upper secondary school:

Selection criteria

The students will be admitted based on the average grade of theoretical subjects in their final comprehensive school certificate.


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General upper secondary education