Welcome to Raisio!

Krookilan kotiseutukeskuksen ilmakuva
Kaksi värikästä kerrostaloa Raision Kerttulassa

Living & everyday services

Are you moving to Raisio or do you want to know more about right of occupancy apartments, reserving a single-family home plot or property's waste management? Here you can find the information you want.

Poika loikkaa.

Sport & Leisure

Excellent hobby opportunities, wonderful sports destinations and nature near you.

Miehen kädet työstämässä pöydään ääressä punaista nahkapalaa.

Education & Work

At Raisio, we have excellent opportunities for studying and employment. Our primary schools are second to none. For the youngest in the family, we offer caring early childhood education.


City & Decision Making

Do you want to get to know Raisio better? Or do you have feedback or development suggestions for the city?

Kaunis alppiruusu mäntyjen katveessa.

Visit Raisio

Underneath the rough exterior, dear Raisio is revealed - green and cozy, relaxed and uncomplicated. Not everything nice is visible to passers-by - remember to visit!