Waste management

In Raisio, the practical arrangements of waste management, i.e. collection, transport and processing of household waste and the related advisory services, are the responsibility of Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy.

  • For more information, visit the website of Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy.

The waste management committee of Southwest Finland is in charge for the authority duties of waste management. The City of Raisio’s environmental control services are in charge of waste management control.

Littering is prohibited

Littering is prohibited in all areas. Do not leave rubbish in nature or abandon your devices, cars or other objects there. Bringing twigs and branches and other gardening waste into public nature areas, such as parks and forests, also counts as littering. Liquid waste must not be poured into nature, either.

The litterer is obligated to clean up the area they have littered. Ignoring an order to clean may lead to criminal liability and/or the work being completed at the litterer’s cost.

Dog feaces must be cleared away from public areas

The dog’s owner or walker must ensure that dog faeces are not left in nature in maintained, urban areas. Areas with mowed lawns and planted vegetation are counted as maintained areas, for example.

Burning rubbish is prohibited

According to the waste management regulations of Southwest Finland, disposal of rubbish by burning it is prohibited.

Do not burn garden waste. Compost grass and leaves, and shred branches and put them in the compost or use them for covering the roots of bushes and trees.

Untreated wood, twigs and branches can be burned in a building’s fireplace with other solid fuel. Small amounts of paper, cardboard or paperboard can be used to light the fire. Outside urban areas, you are allowed to burn small amounts of dry twigs, common reeds, dry leaves and branches and harmless, combustible forestry waste such as dry straws, logging residue and untreated wood waste.

This process cannot cause any smoke, soot, odour or health problems to the neighbours.